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PT Sunny Indopramitha

Jln. Desa Tengah 4-5, RT 002/RW 05 Cipayung- Cibinong - Bogor, Indonesia

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Indonesia is the largest country in South East Asia, an enormous chain of over 13,000 islands. Indonesia is an agricultural county and home to over 220 million people.


Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia is located in the west of the third largest island, Java. With good soil and plenty of water, Java is an ideal place for growing agricultural products and freshwater fish breeding centre too.

In 1990, the parent Singapore Company “SUNNY AQUARIUM COMPANY” came to Indonesia and set up the above mentioned PT SUNNY INDOPRAMITHA.

Apart from freshwater fish and marine fish stocking and holding facilities.We also had a 100% self owned aquatic plant farm in Jakarta-Indonesia where we had stationed some aquatic plant specialists from Singapore.



To date we had successfully planted over 170 kinds of aquatic plants in our aquatic plant premises where we offer to our international buyers. We have a 3 hectares aquatic plant farm, and have exported to buyers from Europe, American, Japan and other Asian markets on a regular basis. Due to the lower production cost, in the Bundle Plant and Potted Plant exported by us, we are committed to giving our customers cost advantage whenever they import from us.

PT SUNNY INDOPRAMITHA, apart from having a 3 hectares aquatic plant farm we also have a 4000m² freshwater fish and marine water fish stocking and a fully equipped export packing facilities.

As an archipelagic country with large and small islands scattered at equatorial area, Indonesia water territory is very rich and Bogor in particular, about 65km south of Jakarta, is a main freshwater fish breeding centre. Out of around 1,100 species of ornamental fishes available in the world, about 300 species or 34% are living in Indonesia territory. The major fish species include Tetra, Rainbow Fish, Cichlids, Discus, Angel and Barb. Besides, the rivers in Indonesia forests abound with various kinds of Wild Fishes such as Botia Macracantha, Harlequin, and Bumble Bee etc.


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